What is the Purpose of the Site?

The main goal of Polonia Info is to provide unbiased and first-hand experience and information about life in the United States from Polish and other nations' immigrants point of view. All stories posted on the website have actually taken place and have been documented and described to the best knowledge of their authors.

We believe people have the right to know the facts and opinions right from the source (ie. from the actual customers) - not from advertising brochures or sponsored articles paid by company owners. Some people have been scammed or hurt by companies or governmental institutions and have no reasonable chance of seeking justice other than informing others to avoid the same mistakes.

If you are an individual and have a story to tell (especially related to your dealings with a company or a governmental agency) you may contact us and we may publish your story.

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GeoTherm Heating/Cooling System Information and Review - why you should never install a geo-termal heating / cooling system in your house.

Sauk Village and Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois - Racist behavior and prejudice against naturalized US citizens.

Meyers Roofing and Paving - Tony Yobnovich - Chicago Meyers Roofing and Paving Review - Tony Yobnovich fraud warning.

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Polki na emigracji - jakie sa? - czy polskie dziewczyny zmieniaja sie na emigracji? Dlaczego zachowuja sie tak a nie inaczej - komentarz.

Domy i Mieszkania w USA a Bezdomni - komentarz na temat kupna i sprzedazy domow oraz bezdomnych w USA.

"I will Never use them again..." - complaints of a former customer of an auto shop.

Guide to Academic Research Papers - tips and guidelines to writing student essays.

Cameroun Chihuahua Dog Scam - Joanne's story

*Mis-management* by the American Property Management of Illinois - Crystal Towers of Mount Prospect, 60056, IL; yet another homeowners association horror story.

Polish English translation home - information and opinions on the current state of English<>Polish translators and translation companies

Students homework - should working students use 'custom academic research' services to do their homework? If so, which to choose?


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